A Whole New Way to Measure Safety 

How can designers minimize the elevated body surface pressures and verify performance of head restraints and seat backs during rear impacts? How much pressure is being exerted on a driver from airbags and seatbelts during front impacts? Questions like these are impossible to answer without the ability to measure the body surface pressures caused by such impacts. Until now, that information has been unattainable. That’s why XSENSOR developed HS Impact.

Acquiring accurate pressure information during sudden impacts requires fast and responsive pressure imaging sensors combined with powerful software tools. HS Impact provides detail on surface pressures before, at, and after impact, allowing engineers to isolate issues and implement effective changes that can then be measured and repeated. Never before has the automotive industry had the ability to measure pressure profiles at such high speeds.

High Speed Data Capture

  • HS Impact’s HX sensors contain thousands of sensing  points that are sampled at over 2,000 frames per second
  • Our unique data logger can be attached to crash sleds and triggered remotely for repeated testing procedures.
  • HX sensors are thin and conformable, with a fast response rate and high-speed calibration
  • Consistent and repeatable results on a cell by cell basis so you are able to capture exactly what happens during and after an impact

Impact Data Analysis

XSENSOR’s feature-rich HS V8 software allows you to view live or post-process and then analyze the data. Recordings can be triggered remotely and synchronized with other high speed data acquisition devices allowing you to:

  • View pressure throughout the impact
  • See product performance throughout the impact scenario
  • Compare designs and modifications



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