Industry Leading Accuracy

Understanding interface pressure provides key insight into the performance, safety and comfort of products and process equipment. At XSENSOR, our advanced sensors provide accurate and repeatable data that engineers require to make better product design and process decisions. Certification of our lab to ISO 17025 provides further assurance of sensor accuracy. Industry leaders across automotive design and testing have standardized on XSENSOR’s leading technology.

The Interface Data You Require

From ultra-high resolution sensors that image even the smallest features of a tire tread, to high speed sensors capable of capturing airbag deployment pressures, large sensors over 1.5 m and multi-sensor systems, XSENSOR can provide the pressure interface data you need.

Data that Can be Trusted

For engineers and designers worldwide, XSENSOR’s pressure imaging systems instill confidence by providing data that can be trusted. From testing comfort and safety to performance and quality control, XSENSOR pressure imaging systems provide assurance in product design and verification.