XSENSOR’s Pro software has been the industry leader for interface pressure testing and measurement for years. Pro software provides a dynamic way for design and test engineers to gather pressure data in high resolution and process the information for comparisons and calculations. Its ease-of-use, stability and data integrity makes it the go-to tool for automotive and performance engineers working in a wide range of applications.

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AutoSeat Mode - Tools for layout and reporting

A comprehensive tool for automotive and aerospace customers providing seat photo import, pressure image overlay, h-point sizing and adjustment, surface area segmentation and reporting options.  Seating specialists can now overlay pressure images on photos and adjust the pressure image size and positioning to specific h-point references.  From this image overlay size, seat and back groupings can be created and information presented in the images and on a body form can be grouped into different options for reporting.  Data can be presented in a variety of groups including pressure gradients, average pressure, contact area and more.  Although primarily designed for our automotive and aerospace seating customers this tool can also be used in other biomechanics applications where different images can be imported and different body forms and groupings applied. 


Tire Zone Mode

This program is a systematic process for recording tire pressure images and calculating lengths, ratios, contact areas, gross contact areas, and groove area fractions.  The process allows for the adjustment of applied measurement lines and automatic recalculation of measurements.  In addition, it allows for the easy implementation of three positions, rendering a summary statistic and report for all three measurements. 

Sensel Transform

Functionality in this program allows the user to move the pressure image within the window to easily align with previous frames or images.  Misalignment or movement of sensors can now be adjusted and aligned after the fact to provide more consistency in image alignment for averaging and analysis.   


Wiper Blade Acceptance Parameters

By applying user defined acceptance parameters for wiper blade pressure profiles to determine whether or not a specific wiper or wiper design meets predetermined specifications is the objective of this system.  Predefined parameters can be set in one location and implemented worldwide to maintain consistency in measurements and quality. 

High Speed Data Aquisitions

X3 PRO v7.0 provides the ability to use specific X3 high speed sensors and record at rates up to 500 frames per second.  For the first time, pressure imaging can effectively be used on high speed data acquisition environments such as automotive rear impact testing for car seat safety and performance.  High speed data acquisition combined with optimized X3 sensors provides insights into research applications, which were never possible until now.


Applied Load Calculations

With this software, users can apply external load measurements to a frame, a series of frames, or a file and the data will be adjusted accordingly.  The original data is always kept intact allowing the user to revert to original data or apply different load calculations to the pressure readings thus inferring additional results.  


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