Tire Footprint Testing

From car tires, commercial transport vehicles and agriculture tires to mining tires, we have the sensors that meet the size, resolution and pressure range required to provide quality pressure profiles and contact information.

Dynamic Tire Testing

Capable of capturing tire footprint pressure distribution at over 140 km/h, our high speed system provides accurate data for dynamic tire analysis.

Seating Design

The standard in the industry, our sensors are thin and conformable, capable of contouring to the bolsters and form of a car seat. Our sensors provide repeatable and accurate pressure readings that are analyzed with our powerful software.

Vehicle Safety & Impact Testing

Acquiring accurate pressure distribution data during safety tests requires our fast and responsive pressure imaging sensors and electronics that are compatible with existing vehicle and sled test set-ups.

Automotive Component Design

Our thin and conforming sensors are sensitive enough to show the smallest of changes in pressure for applications including: measuring wiper blades, door seals, sunroof seals, gas pedal and brake pedal pressures and more.

Ergonomics & Biomechanics

Optimize design by using our conforming and flexible sensors that can effectively measure interface pressures. From packs and harnesses to touch screens, we have a sensor solution for your application.

High Interface Pressure

Our high pressure, high resolution sensors are used for analysis of clutch plates, presses, tire bead pressure, military equipment and more.

Inline Quality Assurance

Our sensors are ideal for integration as a Quality Assurance tool and can provide the accuracy, repeatability, reliability and durability needed for integration. Where automated testing procedures are used to verify materials or meet acceptable parameters for performance, our sensors provide assurance with data you can trust.

Product Safety

Our wide range of sensors are trusted to give accurate interface pressure data during the product safety testing process, providing feedback to help users understand how product designs affect the end consumer.

Semiconductor Wafer Processing

Equipment used to thin and polish silicon wafers are designed to remove microns at a time, and must apply uniform pressure. Pressure profiles of polishing heads can be evaluated using XSENSOR’s high accuracy, high resolution LX sensors.

Surgical Table Monitoring

ForeSite OR is a pressure reliving surgical surface with integrated sensors that provide real-time pressure images that surgical staff can use to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers.

Wheelchair Seating

ForeSite SS is the only complete seating system compliant with IEC-60601-1. It has easy to use software with high resolution images and accurate, reliable data to allow therapists to provide effective pressure relief strategies for patients.

Patient Bed Monitoring

Continuously monitoring pressures on hospital beds and surgical surfaces so nurses can see where elevated pressures are key to having a strategy for the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Mattress Design R&D

For mattress designers who are developing new mattress technology, our high resolution sensor system provides accurate and detailed information to evaluate and refine designs.

Mattress Retail

Our REVEAL mattress recommendation system uses pressure imaging technology that allows you to quickly find the right mattress for your customer and to close the sale faster.

Foot Assessment

For foot clinicians and product designers who require accurate, reliable barefoot pressure data, our Stance sensor is a thin, flexible, high resolution sensor that can be used for static and dynamic movement with X4 foot or ProV8 software.

Foot & Gait Pressure Measurement

The XSENSOR Foot and Gait Measurement system is an advanced pressure imaging system combining wireless Bluetooth data acquisition with high accuracy, high resolution sensors for reliable foot data collection and easy-to-use software.