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Over the past two decades, we have been challenged by automotive design engineers to provide pressure sensors for use in the design and testing of automotive applications. Our sensors and software are used by engineers and designers around the world to optimize for comfort and function of interior and controls to drivetrain and chassis components.

Designing for feel & comfort

When testing automotive components that passengers interact with, such as door handles, dash controls and steering wheels, an ultra-thin, sensitive and conformable pressure sensor is required to gather small changes in pressures and subtleties in profiles.

Detailed pressure imaging for contoured surfaces

Components like windshield wiper blades, door seals, and sunroof seals also require a high level of precision during measurement. XSENSOR’s pressure sensors can conform to the topology of surfaces and provide an accurate measurement of an interface’s true pressure.

Optimizing high-pressure contacts

Some of our sensors have been designed with rugged and thin covers that make them ideal for use in high-pressure applications, including use as a brake pressure sensor or in disk clutch design. Durability that can withstand automotive design testing procedures.

Brake Pad Pressure using IX500:256.256.16
Resolution: 1.6 mm Pressure Range: 7-207 N/cm2

Pressure sensors used in automotive design applications must be able to provide repeatable and accurate pressure distribution measurements for complex profiles and interfaces with intricate detail.

Our families of pressure sensors provide consistent measurement even under demanding conditions. For test engineers, the improved calibration stability leads to consistent data over thousands of cycles, which leads to reduced re-calibration frequency and a much lower total cost of ownership.

Specifications & Performance

Types of Automotive Design Sensors

Our families of pressure sensors all offer accurate profiles and measurement, and are available in a wide variety of sizes, pressure sensitivities, and levels of detail.

Applications & Commonly-Used Sensors

WIPER BLADESPX100:10.160.10-05
GAS & BRAKE PEDALSLX210:15.50.05
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We are an ISO 17025 certified pressure sensor manufacturer

Unlike other sensors on the market, our sensors maintain their calibration due to the capacitive technology used and the unique materials used to make these sensors. If you are ISO 17025 certified, then our sensors meet your ISO 17025 requirements for calibration and recalibration to maintain your compliance.

Superior Imaging Software for Automotive Design

XSENSOR Pro software has been the industry leader for interface pressure testing and measurement for many years. Our software provides specific design tools to the automotive industry, including the ability to overlay pressure images to scale and apply grouping and analysis tools.