Pressure Data for Pressure Ulcer Prevention

One factor in an appropriate strategy for the prevention of pressure ulcers is a knowledge-based patient turn regimen that effectively relieves the localized pressure before the skin’s integrity is breached, and the wound begins to form. But without the ability to see where those pressures exist, there is no way to know for sure how best to adjust the patient’s position, or whether the patient move has relieved the elevated pressure and allowed the tissue to re-oxygenate

The ForeSite PT patient turn system allows caregivers to continually monitor body surface pressures that are a primary cause of decubitus ulcers, and provides the information they need to execute an effective patient turn strategy.

The ForeSite PT system

The ForeSite PT system consists of a fitted mattress cover embedded with thousands of sensor cells that continuously measure the patient’s body surface pressures, and a touch screen monitor that displays real-time images of elevated pressures. ForeSite PT’s software displays pressure markers that clearly identify areas of the body that have been under sustained pressure. The patient turn clock tracks the time since the last reposition, visually notifying the clinician that it’s time to adjust the patient’s body position.

  • Provides information staff needs to make informed patient care decisions
  • Helps to assure compliance with turn guidelines
  • Pressure markers identify areas of sustained pressure
  • Real-time images of body surface pressures provide confirmation that pressures have been relieved
  • Record data to support research

Specifications & Performance


  • 6000 Sensing points
  • Disinfectable cover
  • Sensing Area 30 x 74 (762 x 1880 mm)


  • 11.6 inch Touch Screen LCD
  • *The ForeSite PT system is IEC/EN 60601 -1 Certified

Additional benefits for pressure ulcer prevention

  • May reduce extended hospital stays caused by pressure ulcers
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface — it’s simple to learn and has an easy to manage client database
  • Easy to use, minimal training required
  • Continuous pressure monitoring can increase patient confidence in quality of care
  • Aids in the continuity of care among caregivers
  • Provides an overview of recent patient turn history

We are the only IEC-60601-1 and ISO 17025 compliant solution

ForeSite PT is compliant with IEC-60601-1 standards, and is certified as cleanable to the AAMI TIR-30:2011 standard.

Superior and User-Friendly Imaging Software

The system’s user-friendly single screen software requires minimal training and provides simple, easy to read visual pressure images, persistent pressure indicators and recent turn history. Advanced analysis tools to support research projects and clinical trials are available.