Pressure Relieving Smart OR Surface

ForeSite OR delivers premium pressure relieving surgical table pads with integrated pressure monitoring. ForeSite OR’s proprietary multi-layer construction is designed to support the patient and effectively redistribute the peak pressures that can cause tissue damage during prolonged surgical procedures. ForeSite OR’s sensors generate and record real-time images of the body surface pressures that surgical staff can use as part of their preoperative positioning, during and post-operative plans to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers.

Pressure Relieving OR Surface

ForeSite OR surgical table pads are constructed of premium pressure relieving foam with integrated pressure monitoring sensors below the cover. Compatible with existing surgical tables, the proprietary multi-layer construction uses contouring foam to redistribute peak pressures and transitional layers to provide support and prevent bottoming out where pressures build up.

Specifications & Performance

The ForeSite pressure measuring system is fully enclosed within the OR cushion cover for simple cleaning and sterilization. The easy to use application provides high resolution, real-time pressure images and pressure measurements. The system runs on a touch screen and connects via wireless Bluetooth to the ForeSite pressure sensors. Surface pressure data for surgical procedures can be saved to provide a record for continued patient care or future reference. Data can then be collected to evaluate the effectiveness of procedures or to support clinical research. OR pad usage is tracked to provide for the management of replacement cycles.

  • Cushions are engineered to provide support and pressure distribution
  • Integrated reliable pressure sensors measure with +/- 5% accuracy and do not need to be recalibrated
  • Pressure sensors provide superior image quality with 0.5” xx sensing points (torso size sensor)
  • ForeSite OR software’s high resolution images clearly show the elevated pressures
  • Touchscreen display, pre-installed software and wireless sensor are hassle-free
  • Easy to use software makes it quick to configure for multiple cushions
LX100.17.31.02 (Head) 15.88 25.7 x 49.2 5-200
LX100.29.31.02 (Torso) 15.88 46 x 49.2 5-200
LX100.31.61.02 (Legs) 15.88 96.8 x 49.2 5-200

ForeSite OR is IEC-60601-2

ForeSite OR is a complete surgical monitoring system compliant with IEC-60601-2 standards, and is certified as cleanable to the AAMI TIR-30:2011 standard.

Superior and User-Friendly Imaging Software

The system’s user-friendly software requires minimal training and provides simple, easy to read visual results and statistics. Clinicians can monitor real-time live pressure maps and capture snapshots, while data can be saved to support post-surgical care.