Easy to Use for Nurses and Therapists

In the busy world of patient care, clinical tools need to be reliable and designed specifically for nurses and therapists. XSENSOR’s ForeSite products are designed specifically for clinical staff. Our LX100 sensors provide accurate, reliable and repeatable data that you can trust for effective pressure redistribution strategies. Our systems come with our easy to use software pre-installed. High resolution images take the guesswork out of treatment decisions.

Leaders in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

For nearly 20 years XSENSOR’s ForeSite pressure mapping systems have been a mainstay for hospital and clinical staff responsible for pressure ulcer prevention. Quickly and accurately locating elevated pressures provides nurses and therapists with confidence in making seating design or patient positioning decisions that prevent tissue damage. ForeSite solutions are available for wheelchair pressure mapping, pressure mapping for mattresses,  long term monitoring of hospital patients or monitoring surface pressure during surgeries.

Medically Certified Systems

XSENSOR’s ForeSite products are fully compliant with IEC-60601-1 standards and HIPAA. Our industry leading LX100 sensors are made to last, calibrated in our ISO 17025 accredited lab and will measure accurately for up to 5 years. Our complete ForeSite systems are ready to use out of the box, and easy to clean sensors mean less time between patient sessions.