Body Pressure Sensors

Obtain valuable insight into the design performance of surfaces in contact with the human body using our thin and conformable body pressure measurement sensors.

High Accuracy Sensors

Get consistent data you can trust with our LX sensors, the most accurate pressure sensors available on the market today.

High Pressure Sensors

For interfaces ranging between 15-500 psi, design and test engineers can rely on our high resolution, high pressure sensors for accurate and reliable data.

High Speed Tire Sensors

The future of dynamic tire testing. Capture accurate, high-resolution tire footprint pressure data at speeds of over 140 km/h.

Impact Sensors

Capture accurate interface pressure information during vehicle safety tests with our HS Impact ultra-fast and responsive sensor system.

Low Pressure Sensors

In industrial applications, the unmatched measurement accuracy and repeatability of our PX100 and LX100 low pressure sensors make them ideal to evaluate the uniformity of fit or pressure distribution between compliant surfaces like gaskets and door seals.

Large Pressure Sensors

From high resolution sensors for measuring body pressure for clinical surface design to mapping the largest of mining tires, we have large format sensors that will deliver accurate, repeatable data and outstanding image quality.