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Test & Measurement

Accurate, fast & repeatable

We have partnered with design and test engineers in automotive interior, vehicle safety, tire, industrial testing, and process verification markets to create the most accurate and reliable pressure imaging sensors available.

Patient Mapping & Monitoring

Accurate & Easy to Use

Our systems enable nurses and therapists to see pressure distributions on wheelchair cushions, mattresses and surgical surfaces, helping them implement effective pressure relief strategies to reduce the risk of tissue damage.

Mattress Retail

Improve customer experience & increase sales

For retailers and manufacturers, our REVEAL mattress recommendation systems improve store performance by helping the customer quickly find the right mattress. Our R&D systems provide accurate reliable data to support the design process.

Foot & Gait Measurement

Gait Analysis and Foot Mapping or Compact, reliable & accurate

For researchers and clinicians who want accurate, reliable foot and gait pressure data with minimal set-up time, our high-resolution insole sensors, compact electronics and straightforward software software set the standard.

Defining Pressure Sensor Accuracy

Factory Calibration

Accurate for extended duration testing.

1 mm

Ultra Thin

Flexible, and conforms to surfaces with minimal interference.


Complete analysis tools in industry-leading XSENSOR Pro V8 software.

Accurate & Repeatable

3% or less full scale error after 100,000 loading cycles.