Accuracy and Reliability That Outperforms the Competitors

The XSENSOR Foot & Gait Measurement System is an advanced pressure imaging system that combines wireless data acquisition with fast, reliable, high accuracy, high resolution sensors. It is a versatile, easy to use system for capturing foot and gait pressure data for research, human performance and clinical applications. Our ultra-compact, on-shoe electronics are not noticeable by the user. We also offer our high resolution, accurate stance sensor for barefoot static and dynamic analysis.

Gather Data in Minutes

XSENSOR’s Foot & Gait Measurement System is genuinely uncomplicated. Sensors that are factory calibrated and ready to use, plug and play wireless electronics and our fully featured, straightforward software mean you will be gathering data in minutes. Complete your analysis and generate reports right in the software, or export your dataset for more detailed analysis.

Designed for Foot & Gait Labs

XSENSOR is a world leader in pressure mapping. Our insole and stance sensors use the same advanced technology as our high accuracy LX series of sensors used by researchers and industry leaders in their product design. Accurate, repeatable data and reliable sensors mean you have assessment results and research data you can trust.